Strategy and Commodities

Coda Minerals is an innovative Australian exploration company with a focus on sustainable minerals.

Our vision is to be “sustaining tomorrow” by identifying value accretive base metals projects to fill demand driven by the sustainable energies industry.

Our mission is to generate earning accretive value for our Shareholders through application of technical processing expertise and new technologies, as we develop our targets.

In early 2016, our management team commenced a strategic evaluation process to identify new potential project development and investment opportunities in the resources sector. Our strategy to drive future value is predicated on capitalising on the following:

  • Coda’s strong cash balance
  • Our in-house technical and economical experience
  • Positive long-term outlook for the base metals

Over the past decade there has been a rapid expansion in new energy technologies especially in renewable energy markets, portable power and electric vehicles. The continued progress of such technologies relies on access to minerals that possess properties to efficiently conduct and store energy. For these reasons, Coda Minerals views the conduction and storage of power as complimentary in nature and a sector of value creation.

Elizabeth Creek Copper Project

The Elizabeth Creek Copper Project offers a potentially strategic entry into the rapidly growing market for high quality copper and cobalt, which are crucial feedstocks for the renewable energy sector, particularly with regard to new generation battery and storage technologies.

Market analysts suggest that supply shortages are increasingly likely in both the copper and cobalt markets in coming years, which would result in higher prices as supply struggles to keep up with healthy demand growth for both commodities.